Get Involved

There are a lot of ways to get involved with the Global Soap Project!

Donate to The Global Soap Project

Our greatest need is financial support — and helping us save and improve lives is easy!  A gift of $38 can provide a year’s worth of lifesaving soap and hygiene education to 10 children who lack access to it.  Millions of children will die this year from preventable hygiene-related illnesses — but their chances of survival are doubled if they have a simple bar of soap.  You can make a significant impact by making a one-time financial donation, or even better – a recurring monthly contribution to the Global Soap Project.


Volunteers are a critical part of our mission.  We need volunteer support in our soap recycling factory in Orlando and Las Vegas to keep costs low and production high.  After a shift at Clean the World, you will be able to see and touch the results of your time and energy. We listen to music, have some fun, make new friends and of course, make some soap. To learn more about volunteer opportunities with our recycling partner Clean the World in either Orlando or Las Vegas, click here

Host a Party

Help us spread the word about the value of a bar of soap — host a gathering of friends to raise money and awareness for Global Soap.  A bubble party could have a sparkling wine theme with blow bubbles as a party favor.   Every effort helps us get soap into the hands of people who need it most!


Do you ever shop at If so, just by shopping there you can help Global Soap raise funds at no cost to you! Just click on the link to start shopping and assisting Global Soap!

Strategic Partnerships

Are you a business owner or an employee of a company that could match employee donations, offer supplies, or provide in-kind services for Global Soap?  Many of our partners provide strategic support as well as in-kind contributions (logistics, manufacturing supplies, professional services). If you want to learn more or share your ideas, please email