Join us in making a difference, one bar of soap at a time.

Why give? Because the leading causes of death for kids globally are diarrheal diseases and pneumonia, which claim the lives of nearly 6,000 kids under age 5 daily. That’s more than AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis combined. Fortunately, studies have proven that the most effective way to prevent those deaths is proper handwashing with soap, which can cut the death rates by 50% or more.

Our mission is to get soap and handwashing education to the most vulnerable populations around the world. Refugees, disaster victims, and families and children living in extreme poverty all benefit from our work. And we work with local partners to sustain our impact long-term.

We couldn’t do it without the support of donors. A gift of just $25 allows us to provide soap and hygiene education to an entire classroom of kids for six months. Making an impact is easy. And the difference it makes is truly live changing.

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