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Global Soap Starts Microlending to Soapmakers

Global Soap is passionate about improving hygiene and health. It is the cornerstone of achieving a better life. But if you live in one of the world’s poorest countries, the top killers are lower respiratory infections, HIV/AIDS and diarrhea- all of which are preventable, and all of which soap can help. Global Soap promotes education [...]

Soap In Schools

Soap in Schools Distribution in Kenya

Soap in Schools is one of our distribution focus areas. With the aid of our in-country partner, 1320 students in Kenya just received soap and hygiene education in the local language. One head teacher Mr. Macharia explained the impact of the soap. “Most of my kids know how to use soap after toilet, after eating, [...]

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Global Soap Recycling Center Moves to Las Vegas

This summer we are relocating our soap recycling factory to a new and much larger facility in Las Vegas!  The new factory will increase our production fourfold to 4 million bars of new soap per year, meaning we’ll remove 1 million pounds of used soap from landfills annually.  In addition, we’ll be able to recycle [...]


Global Soap Starts Handwashing Study in the DR

Emily R. Brennan, a Masters of Public Health Candidate at Emory University Rollins School of Public Health, has been engaged by Global Soap to undertake a study on motivators to handwashing in different socioeconomic strata of the Dominican Republic. She is being hosted by our soap distribution partner here, World Water Relief. Our goal is [...]


Teacher Training with Global Soap in Togo

Diarrhea and other infections cause increased rates of morbidity and mortality in children in Togo, W. Africa.  Consequently, an infection control program was conducted at Ecole Premiere Public de Dgorergou Siou, a public school located in a rural area in Togo, West Africa. Since hand washing with soap is the most effective way to prevent [...]

Volunteer of the Year

Keith Greenstein Named 2013 Volunteer of the Year

Do you like our logo? Keith Greenstein designed it! How about the infographics on our process, how your donations are spent, and how to collect soap in the hotels?  He created those as well. Keith has been generously donating his time an expertise to the Global Soap Project since its beginnings and is still assisting [...]

2013 Hotel of the Year Embassy Suites San Luis Obispo

2013 Hotel of the Year

We are delighted to announce the Embassy Suites in San Luis Obispo as our 2013 hotel of the year! This property has been a loyal partner to Global Soap for two and a half years, sending soap shipments to us every other month without fail. Thank you to this awesome team for helping us bring [...]


Soap In Schools Effort Continues to Grow

St. Kazito Primary School is located in Tuluroba, the Eastern Province of Kenya. Global Soap’s in-country partner conducted an assessment with KAP survey to identify the major gaps in sanitation and hygiene at this school. As a result, HHRD with the support of Global Soap Project distributed soap and hygiene training sessions in the local [...]

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Global Soap Partners with CDC in Haiti

The area of Fond des Blancs, in the South Department of Haiti, is severely affected by both under-nutrition and diarrheal diseases. Reducing the burden of malnutrition through community based Positive Deviance (PD) nutritional counseling programs has shown a promising impact in Haiti and worldwide. Diarrheal illness perpetuate the cycle of malnutrition, but may be improved [...]


Improving Health In Africa’s Largest Slum

Our Kenya program recently started distributing Global Soap to more than 300 families living in Lindi, a subcommunity of Kibera, Africa’s largest slum. Recipients receive ongoing hygiene education and handwashing instruction to ensure soap is used at the most critical times to improve health. Over time, the goal is to instill handwashing as part of [...]