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Sam and Shawn

Global Soap Joins Forces with Clean the World

The world’s only large-scale recyclers of hotel soap have combined their operations and charitable efforts! Clean the World and Global Soap have contributed to a 30 percent reduction in childhood deaths from hygiene-related illnesses since 2009. The blended organization capitalizes on strengths developed separately by each group over the past six years. Under the new operating [...]

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Global Soap Reaches Earthquake Victims in Nepal

Global Soap responded to the Nepal earthquake immediately with an initial shipment of soap and hygiene kits to reach clinics and camps serving over 5,000 families in Kathmandu.  The soap was distributed to clinics where aid workers and doctors providing healthcare to victims.  In addition, we reached camps where thousands of families had no access [...]


Loan Made to Soapmaker in Burkina Faso

Halombo is a married mother to two children from Burkina Faso. Her eldest is 15 years old and her youngest is 10 years old.. Halombo has been making and selling her home-made liquid soap for the past six years. She gets her supplies from the main markets. She wanted a loan to purchase 40 kg [...]


Global Soap Project Accepted to PPPHW

We are delighted to announce that Global Soap Project has been accepted as a member of PPPHW! The Global Public-Private Partnership for Handwashing works to save children’s lives and improve health by promoting the important habit of handwashing with soap. We are delighted to be part of this accomplished group of organizations that prioritize the health [...]


New Borrower added to Microloan Program

Global Soap has made another microloan that promotes hygiene! Agnes is a 23-year-old mother from Tanzania who is also a volunteer teacher. Agnes supports two dependents, her mother and her child, with their basic needs by selling soap from door to door. Agnes volunteers in her community, working with secondary students in a life-skills program [...]

Sierra Distribution

Global Soap Used to Stem Ebola Crisis in Sierra Leone

The Sierra Leone Police are collaborating with the Ministry of Health to distribute Global Soap to Ebola-effected communities and and health centers in Bo, the country’s second largest city. All recipients have to complete a form to show proof of receipt. The distribution will continue over the next few weeks. Handwashing training is also being [...]


Global Soap Unveils New Logo

The words in the GLOBAL SOAP logo tell people who we are, but it’s our mark that tells people what we stand for: Hope. The symbol that rests in the middle of the blue globe is based on the Adinkra symbol of Hope. This symbol is taken from traditional West African culture and originates in [...]


Global Soap Celebrates 5 Years in Global Health Promotion

Since its grassroots beginnings, and over the past five years, Global Soap has been an integral part of the effort to stem the tide of preventable hygiene related deaths globally. In 2014 alone, Global Soap has reached several milestones, including: Development of a sustainable microloan program that funds and empowers individual soap makers in areas [...]

Final Product

Global Soap Starts Microlending to Soapmakers

Global Soap is passionate about improving hygiene and health. It is the cornerstone of achieving a better life. But if you live in one of the world’s poorest countries, the top killers are lower respiratory infections, HIV/AIDS and diarrhea- all of which are preventable, and all of which soap can help. Global Soap promotes education [...]

Soap In Schools

Soap in Schools Distribution in Kenya

Soap in Schools is one of our distribution focus areas. With the aid of our in-country partner, 1320 students in Kenya just received soap and hygiene education in the local language. One head teacher Mr. Macharia explained the impact of the soap. “Most of my kids know how to use soap after toilet, after eating, [...]