A Message from Derreck Kayongo

To all that supported my CNN Heroes nomination, I was and continue to be humbled by all of your kind words.

I’ve received so many thoughtful comments over the past few months, I am overwhelmed by all the love. At the end of the day, together we will continue to bring a little bit of heaven here on earth for the least among us. 

There were a lot of celebrities at the CNN Heroes event on Sunday, but my wife Sarah and I were most star struck by the other nominees. All of us deal with very different and very somber problems in the world. But each person nominated had a radiant, positive spirit that came through in every conversation. It’s not hard to see how they are changing the world. I am so very honored to have met each one of these people and count them as friends.

Robin Lim, the winner of the CNN Heroes Award for 2011, is a beautiful, gentle soul. We are so happy for her and her organization, Bumi Sehat Foundation International. Robin’s work to reduce maternal and child mortality is a mission close to my wife Sarah’s heart, as her own career in humanitarian aid has been built around helping women and children around the world.

I want to also take a moment to thank all of the volunteers, the GSP Board of Directors and our team that manages our operations, administration, research and every effort that keeps the Global Soap Project moving forward. The team at Hilton Worldwide joined our effort recently and have been great supporters throughout their network leading up to this event. And we look forward to doing amazing things with Hilton in 2012.

The Kayongo Family

Now, Sarah and I are going to settle down for a while and focus on the holidays with our children. I want you to know how grateful my entire family is for your overwhelming support. We sometimes can’t believe everything that has happened to us since our journey from Uganda so long ago.

I ask that you do not forget the spirit of the CNN Heroes event. Every single day you have the opportunity to do something heroic for another person, to make their life a little bit better than it was before. Please apply your talents and passion and you will be rewarded.

Peace, Derreck