Global Soap Celebrates 5 Years in Global Health Promotion

PPPHWSince its grassroots beginnings, and over the past five years, Global Soap has been an integral part of the effort to stem the tide of preventable hygiene related deaths globally.

In 2014 alone, Global Soap has reached several milestones, including:

  • Development of a sustainable microloan program that funds and empowers individual soap makers in areas such as Guatemala, Uganda, Jordan and Sierra Leone.
  • The launch of a 7,000 square-foot processing facility in Las Vegas, which will produce four million bars of soap and save one million pounds of soap from landfills annually.
  • Emory University study, in conjunction with local partner World Water Relief, on handwashing among socioeconomic populations of the Dominican Republic.
  • Continued training and education initiatives, such as the one at École Premiere Public de Dgorergou Siou, a public school in West Africa.

According to Sam Stephens, chief executive officer of Global Soap, water and hygiene-related illnesses are one of the biggest health crises facing the developing world.

“Many people are surprised to learn that these preventable diseases are responsible for more deaths in children under five than HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined. There are 4,468 preventable hygiene-related deaths each day. So, we have always felt that there is an education piece to our story that is every bit as big as the things we do with soap recycling and distribution,” noted Mr. Stephens.