Global Soap Partners with CDC in Haiti

family (2)The area of Fond des Blancs, in the South Department of Haiti, is severely affected by both under-nutrition and diarrheal diseases. Reducing the burden of malnutrition through community based Positive Deviance (PD) nutritional counseling programs has shown a promising impact in Haiti and worldwide. Diarrheal illness perpetuate the cycle of malnutrition, but may be improved with water, adequate sanitation, and hygiene.

In this combined program, the CDC has distributed soap and hygiene education to the mothers of undernourished children in order to promote better hand hygiene at home and prevent diarrheal illness. So far, 135 households and 166 children have been enrolled. With the help of the CDC monitoring and evaluation team, we’ll be tracking how this dual intervention achieves and sustains long-term health improvements. ¬†Better health and better nutrition are a great combo!