Global Soap Partners with the CDC in Malawi

We’re excited to announce that, on August 17, we shipped 120,000 bars of soap in partnership with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to prenatal clinics in Malawi!

The soap will be used as part of “Water Hygiene Kits” that are provided to pregnant women to incentivize regular clinic check-ups throughout their pregnancy, leading to healthier newborns and mothers.  In addition, the women are educated about proper hygiene, the importance of soap, and the reasons to use it regularly, leading to healthier families long-term.

According to the CDC, diarrheal diseases are the leading cause of death for children under the age of five in Malawi.  Since handwashing with soap is one of the most effective methods to prevent those deaths, this program will play an important role in saving and improving the lives of mothers and children there.

The project is a collaboration between the CDC, the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), PSI, and other leading international NGOs.  We’re proud to be part of the effort.

The soap will arrive in Malawi in a couple of months, so stay tuned for more photos, stories, and reports on the outcomes of the project!