Global Soap Recycling Center Moves to Las Vegas

This summer we are relocating our soap recycling factory to a new and much larger facility in Las Vegas!  The new factory will increase our production fourfold to 4 million bars of new soap per year, meaning we’ll remove 1 million pounds of used soap from landfills annually.  In addition, we’ll be able to recycle hotel amenity bottles at the new facility as well – diverting tons of tiny shampoo, conditioner, and lotion bottles from landfills. Employee Aaron Weatherly has been promoted and relocated to Las Vegas to set up and run this facility.

Most importantly, this increase in production will allow us to serve hundreds of thousands more people each year.  Since handwashing with soap is the most effective and affordable way to fight the leading causes of death for children globally, this growth will make a big impact for those most at risk.  The people we serve in our three programs – Soap In Schools, Emergency Relief, and WASH Initiatives – will all be beneficiaries of our expanded reach.