Hilton Worldwide Announces Partnership with the Global Soap Project

The Global Soap Project is thrilled to announce a partnership with Hilton Worldwide, a global hospitality company that has established a clear leadership position in service and sustainability across its multiple brands. In the first year of work with Hilton Worldwide, we expect to produce more than one million new 4-ounce bars of soap.

In addition to donating soap, Hilton Worldwide is investing $1.3 million over the next three years and providing its operational expertise to help expand our processing capabilities. To date, we have grown exclusively through grassroots support, leveraging the knowledge of our board and the support of our amazing volunteers. Hilton Worldwide will allow us to leverage their global supply chain, as well as the expertise necessary to develop a global system that can handle the high volumes of soap generated by the sector, at zero cost to hotel properties.

We also welcome Christopher Corpuel, vice president, Sustainability of Hilton Worldwide to our Board of Directors. “At Hilton Worldwide, we are constantly measuring, analyzing and working to improve our sustainability performance,” said Corpuel. “We are proud to invest in the Global Soap Project and are excited to leverage our expertise to support their organization, while simultaneously solving critical social needs.”

Regardless of ownership, the Global Soap Project will continue to work with any property that wishes to donate soap to our cause. We currently have over 300 properties ranging from small, independently owned boutique hotels to large resorts and casinos. We cannot express how much we value the diverse group of hoteliers who have supported our cause, and continue to promote the organization. Without you, we could not have made it this far!

Stay tuned, big things will certainly be happening for the Global Soap Project in 2012!