Global Soap Distribution in Isiolo, Kenya

DSC00897If you drive four hours north of Nairobi you pass by Mt. Kenya and some gorgeous, lush land planted in various crops. And then the green stops. This land is so dry, it’s not possible to grow a thing. Yet people live here. They are Turkana tribe and are pastoralists. They live off their goats and the charcoal they collect and sell in the market for cooking. Our partner HHRD chose these villages 15 kilometers outside Isiolo as perfect places to drill boreholes, shallow wells and build latrines. They have a staff member who conducts hygiene education through song and skits, passing on the important message of the connection between health and hygiene. The only thing missing in HHRD’s WASH program? Soap. So Global Soap partnered with them to provide 160,000 bars for their efforts in Kenya. Now the people here have the soap and water they need, and we will be monitoring the health effects in the months to come.