Soap In Schools Effort Continues to Grow

DSC06129St. Kazito Primary School is located in Tuluroba, the Eastern Province of Kenya. Global Soap’s in-country partner conducted an assessment with KAP survey to identify the major gaps in sanitation and hygiene at this school. As a result, HHRD with the support of Global Soap Project distributed soap and hygiene training sessions in the local languageĀ to 1320 students to improve the overall health of the children. Head teacher Mr. Macharia said of the soap distribution, “Since we got soap in our school with Hygiene awareness, it has brought a big impact to the school and it has changed the lives of my students through improved hygiene practices in the school. Most of my kids now know how to us soap after toilet, after eating, after playing and after classes, you will find them with soap in their hand and in school compound.” This effort will continue to grow as need is identified in this county in Kenya.