Teacher Training with Global Soap in Togo

7Diarrhea and other infections cause increased rates of morbidity and mortality in children in Togo, W. Africa.  Consequently, an infection control program was conducted at Ecole Premiere Public de Dgorergou Siou, a public school located in a rural area in Togo, West Africa. Since hand washing with soap is the most effective way to prevent against the spread of infection, a train-the-trainer course on hand washing with soap was given to teachers and school personnel.  This train-the-trainer project was attended by 10 teachers, 3 principals, and the superintendent, the chief of Dgorergou and the chief of Siou.  The 309 students at this public school will benefit from this training as intructors are now equipped to teach the infection control lesson and have a long-term supply of Global Soap.