25 Tons of Soap On the Wall…

In the beginning, we made soap in Derreck Kayongo’s basement. Once we got our first soap machine however, Mimms Enterprises, a family run property management firm in Georgia, generously donated warehouse space so that we could begin storing and processing large quantities of soap.  We bought the soap machine from a wonderful couple who had retired from the soap making business to follow their passion to deliver water sanitation supplies to developing nations. While it is certainly the the anchor of our operation, it doesn’t quite keep up with the overwhelming supply of soap that we have waiting to be processed.

In June, we recruited some friends and family to come out to the warehouse and help us move, organize and store over 25 tons of soap – making room for some much needed improvements including a second soap machine and some industrial shelving and bins for a better manufacturing workflow.

We look forward to bringing back all of these volunteers to help us churn all that soap into brand new bars!


Knee deep in bags and boxes of soap


Buried treasure? No. Just sorting out the occasional soap wrapper.


Oh look! More soap!


Half-way done and scraping soap residue from the now visible floors.


25 tons of soap in our temporary storage space.

Thanks again to our amazing, strong, committed, funny, energetic and awesome volunteers. Special thanks to Melissa Bundy for documenting the experience!