Our Process

How we turn soap into hope

A hotel hears or reads about The Global Soap Project

A hotel registers as a partner at www.globalsoap.org

The hotel is contacted...

At GSP soap is sorted, cleared of debris and placed into bins

The hotel mails their box(es) of soap to the GSP plant in recycled boxes

...and given instructions on collecting and sending soap to the GSP plant

Soap is grouped up and mixed with water to make it the correct consistency

Moistened soap filaments are run through a screen to remove particulates and moulded into soap

A sample is removed from each production batch and tested by Q laboratories

NGO's pick up the soap for shipment to their partners serving vulnerable populations

A box holds 120 4oz. bars and weighs 30 pounds. One pallet is 50 boxes totalling 6000 bars

Bars are cut, visually inspected and packaged into boxes for shipment

We do not charge NGO's for the soap

Soap gets shipped to different countries and continents

NGO partners send reports to GSP on distribution and hygiene education